stack and whack

Power-quilting for the win!


So here’s the story: I was originally planning on finishing up the pink/blue/white Mystery Quilt to donate to a charity auction. But after trying to quilt the darn thing, I came to a realization: I absolutely HATED the darn thing. I think it looks AWFUL.

So with one day to go before my shipping deadline, on a Sunday morning, I decided I was going to make ANOTHER quilt from scratch to donate. I had one plan in mind as I headed to the fabric store, but came up with another one once I walked inside, and managed to find the perfect fabrics, combined with a few bits from my stash, to make something super-quick.

10 hours of sewing later, I had this one put together, quilted, and bound!

I love doing kaleidoscope-style quilts, and this one definitely turned out well. The sashing is a little wonky, but you can’t really tell unless you’re looking closely at it. Overall, I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I make a few quilts in the same style using different focus fabric.

One-Block Wonder: Work in Progress


My one-block-wonder quilt is coming along very nicely! I was originally afraid that the fabric had too many colors in it, and I will admit that this is a lot more bright than some other quilts I’ve seen using this method, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out so far. I never would have imagined something so pretty could come from this original fabric!

Now all that remains is stitching the half-hexagons together to complete the top. I think I’ll save that for tomorrow :)

Zodiac stack-and-whack


Finally finished the stack-and-whack quilt! The top doesn’t quite lay flat, and there are a few triangle points that got cut off, but otherwise I’m very happy with how it turned out. I especially love the colors– I’d expected it to be a lot more gaudy, but it turned out very happy and cheerful.


When I was home to visit my parents in January, my mom and I checked out a massive sale at a fabric store that was closing. I ended up bringing home a full bolt of Alexander Henry’s “Astral Works” fabric, which was VERY busy, but I thought I could do something fun with.

With all the crazy colors, I figured a stack-and-whack would be in order! I finally decided to cut into the fabric last night, and I’m really impressed with the kaleidescope effect that I’m seeing.

The finished quilt will be on a white background with dark pink (or maybe yellow, haven’t decided yet) triangles between the pinwheel blocks. I’m really excited about how this is going to turn out, and even more jazzed by the fact that there’s easily enough fabric to do a second copy of this quilt in the same style. Hooray for fabrics with long repeats!

Pinwheel top finished!


Finally got the top for my latest pinwheel quilt finished this weekend. The plan is to get it bound this afternoon, and hopefully start in on the machine quilting tomorrow.

Earthy pinwheels


I love doing “stack and whack” projects because I have no idea what the blocks will look like until I’ve actually gotten them all sewn together. The variety is so pretty!

These blocks will be set on point, bordered in teal, and then have an outer border of the original fabric. I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

Earthy stack and whack


The fabric for my mom’s commissioned quilt showed up on Tuesday, and it was too pretty not to play with. I put together three of the eight stack and whack blocks yesterday, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. It’s amazing how different they can look, despite being cut from the same fabric!



After feeling so discouraged yesterday, it’s nice to have made some progress on a project that ended up looking much nicer than I expected.
It turns out that the Easter egg fabric isn’t nearly as busy and overwhelming as it first seems when you break it down into much smaller pieces. I was very pleased with the bursts of color that came out of the egg designs, and how different each of the stars appeared.
I initially planned to do this as a 12-block lap quilt, but since I’m aiming to sell a few quilts on Etsy, I thought it might be smarter to do up a few baby-size quilts. Not only do they piece faster, but I could sell them for a bit less than a larger one, and thereby have a greater chance of actually making a sale. So it looks like there will be at least two baby quilts from this fabric, and plenty of fabric left over to do something else with.

Easter pinwheels 1

Easter pinwheels


I’m starting to work with the Easter egg fabric I acquired in Washington, using it for a “stack and whack” kaleidoscope quilt. I wasn’t sure how the blocks would look, since the fabric is fairly busy, but after cutting out the pieces for one set of blocks, I’m pleased with the early results.

Easter stack and whack 1 Easter stack and whack 2

After cutting the fabric for one quilt, I may actually have enough fabric to make a second quilt, which would be nice if I’m trying to produce quilts to sell on Etsy now. Maybe I can do one lap-sized and one crib-sized, since I’m not sure I have quite enough yardage to make borders on two lap quilts.

Pinwheels of Doom


Floral pinwheels of DOOM

My first attempt at a “stack and whack” pattern. I’m still not sure what I think about the color scheme, but it’s a neat pattern, and I’d like to try another one soon.

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